‘A Chorus Line’ Opening Night after party

A Chorus Line opened in Melbourne on Saturday, 4 February, and it was followed with a very attractive, star-studded event. here are some photos of stars and cast – and my partner Kieran McGregor!

Don’t worry, a review will be coming shortly…

Melissa Berglund and Kieran McGregor

Rohan Browne and Tim Minturn

Nick Bracks and Josh Horner

Josh Horner, Brynne Edelsten and Nick Bracks

Rachel Berger and Kieran McGregor

Mark Strom, Ashley McKenzie and Tom Lambert

Peter Veltman, Kurt Doulgas, Tom Lambert and Mark Strom, feeling the pink.

And then Mark mixed it up gelati style. Strawberry and lemon, I'm thinking...

Melissa Berglund and Josh Horner

James Maxfield and friend

Mish and Michael Cormick

Michael Cormick and Gerrard Carter

Chelsea Gibb, Kellie Rode and friend

Kieran McGregor and Chelsea Gibb

Mark Hill and Travis Khan

Mark Hill and Ben Osborne in matching check shirts and bow ties.

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